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Phantom Screens

Known for superior quality and elegant design, Phantom Screens enables homeowners to experience a new level of comfort, style and versatility.

Retractable Screens For Windows

Make Cleaning Your Windows Easy

No More Sacrificing Your View

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Traditional fixed window screens are always in your way compromising your view. They make window cleaning difficult and detracts from the aesthetics of your home.

Phantoms retractable window screens allow you to enjoy insect free ventilation AND your view.

Phantom Screens in Living room. Adjustable screen for easy cleaning and clear view outside.
Effortless Design

"It was basically a no brainer"

See why Mike Weaver loves Phantom screens
What windows do you make screens for?
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Single & Double Hung
  • Sliding
  • Tilt & Turn
What if I have custom wood windows?

We offer real wood veneer for your wood windows. Choose one of our seven wood veneer options such as Alder, Mahogany, Red Oak and Walnut.

Retractable Screens For Doors

Bring on the breeze without the bugs!

Easy operation, secure closure

Custom mesh, color, wood options

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The ability to leave your door wide open to enjoy the breeze on a hot summer day is amazing. Our screens fully retract out of sight so it wont spoil the look of your home.

Along side our functionality, we also offer a wide variety of colors, sizes and mesh types, perfectly matching your décor!

Manual Phantom Screens for Multi Panel Systems. Simple design with a touch of tech. With the best materials, we've made a durable retracting screen for your large multi-door openings.
Effortless Aesthetics, Easy to Use

Done Once, Done Right

What doors do you make screens for?
  • Single Out-Swing/ In-Swing doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Oversized Doors
What are your latching options?
  • Thumb latch system: Integrated quick release latch in the handle makes the screen easy to use and secure from unintended openings.
  • Magnet Latch System: The standard latching system that allows for easy release and breakaway upon impact to protect the mesh.
How good is the mesh at keeping out bugs and blocking UV rays?

All mesh and fabric seals out insects, reduce heat and glare, and prevents fading or furnishing.

  • Insects are reduced up to 55%.
  • UV rays are reduced up to 95%.
What is the max height and width for your door screens?
  • Single Unit:

Max Width = 48″ with a height up to 100″

Max Width = 36″ with a height up to 120″


  • Double Unit:

Max Width = 96″ with a height up to 100″

Max Width = 72″ with a height up to 120″

Motorized Retractable Screens For Outdoor Spaces

Enclose any outdoor space

Lower air conditioning costs

Easy remote controls

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Imagine being able to move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces, without the intense glare of the sun or pesky bugs.

With the touch of a button, our Phantom retractable screens appear and then disappear when you don’t need them.

These custom made and professionally installed screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, protection from insects and a bit of privacy!

Manual Phantom Screens for Multi Panel Systems. Simple design with a touch of tech. With the best materials, we've made a durable retracting screen for your large multi-door openings.
Seamless Integration

See How Easy It Is

What type of spaces are these screens for?
  • Patios
  • Folding & Sliding glass walls
  • Porches
  • Balconies
  • Large picture windows
  • Verandas & Lanais
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Lift and slide door systems
  • Loggias
Do you provide architectural integration?

Yes we do.

We customize to each building project, and our screens merge perfectly with the décor to maintain the integrity of your design.

Our motorized screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone and concrete!

How does the remote control work?

The Somfy Telis and Situo hand-held remotes feature Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) push button control.

The remotes are single or multiple channel versions meaning they can operate one screen or a group of screens at the same time.

Do your motorized screens offer any smart sensor functionality?

Yes they do.

Some of Phantom’s motorized screens come with Somfy’s Maestria 50 RTS motor.

This offers functionality such as automatic adjustment which can protect carrier products, prevent fabric damage and assure perfect tension.

In addition, they can be integrated into most home automation systems including Lutron, Crestron, and smartphone devices.

Aren't massive screens more susceptible to breaking?

Yes, which is why we have taken major precautions to keep your screens safe.

Some of our motorized screen sensors detect sun and rain, with an integrated solar cell that can automatically adjust screens based off the sun’s intensity or the damaging rain.

Others automatically adjust for sun and wind intensity and will automatically retract into their protective housings in these conditions.

Multi-Panel Glass Wall & Door Systems

Disappear when not in use

Insect protection

Fresh air ventilation

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Looking to seamlessly mesh your outdoor and indoor spaces but conventional screens are either too small or block your view constantly?

Our retractable screens for multi-panel, sliding and folding glass walls are the tallest in the industry fitting openings up to 15ft wide and 12ft high with a single screen.

With our horizontal retraction feature, you can remove them completely out of sight when they’re not in use. With our latch and release handles and secure closure, operating these massive screens are easy and lightweight.

Unlike our competitors, our mesh is completely secured in tracks, and offer customizable stopping points along the track so you can partially open your spaces, without worry of your pets getting out or critters getting in!

Manual Phantom Screens for Multi Panel Systems. Simple design with a touch of tech. With the best materials, we've made a durable retracting screen for your large multi-door openings.
Understated Luxury

"We need those in our home!"

What are your installation options?

Our installation options include:

  • Surface mounted
  • inside jamb mounted
  • Recessed bottom track
  • Various threshold adaptors to integrate with any type of doorway
How can I customize to match the aesthetic of my home?

You can choose from one of our standard colors and decorative wood grain finishes, or create a custom color.

Some standard colors include:

  • Classic White
  • Sandal Wood
  • Coastal Grey
  • Phantom Black

Some Wood grains include:

  • Light knotty Pine
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Ash
  • Dark Walnut

Contact Us anytime to get more information or to learn more about our custom color options via email or in person at our showroom.

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