Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of windows available?
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Single & Double Hung Tilt
  • Single & Double Slider Tilt
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Bay & Bow
What materials are commonly used for windows & doors?

Common materials used in our windows and doors are wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum.

Each material has its own strengths in terms of durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics and we recommend booking a free appointment with our salesmen to assess which works best for you!

How can you ensure energy efficiency with your windows?

Consider options such as double or triple glazing, Low-E coatings. Allowing our trained team of installers to install your windows will also ensure proper insulation procedures to be met.

If you have more questions about this we would love to answer them!

How often should you replace your windows & doors?

Generally well-maintained windows can last 20-30 years, while doors can last up to 20 years.

What is the importance of proper installation?

Proper installation ensures correct air and water protection, correct functionality of the door or window, energy efficiency and security.

Should Fersina install my windows & doors?

While some DIYers are fully capable of installing our windows and doors themselves, we highly recommend allowing us to install your windows and doors.

Fersina has been installing windows for the last 35 years. This ensures proper installation, energy efficiency and most importantly makes sure your windows and doors are covered under our warranty.

How can I choose the right style of windows & doors for my home?

Consider factors such as architectural style, climate, personal preference, and budget. We are currently offering free quotes and would love to help you decide! Click here to get in contact now.

What is the importance of proper maintenance for your windows & doors?

Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your windows and doors, prevent costly repairs, and ensures they remain energy efficient and secure

Are there government incentives to getting energy efficient windows and doors?

Yes! Get in contact with us for more specific information on the energy efficient programs here.

Estimation / Installation
How can I get an estimate for my window or door project?

Come visit us in person to get your free quote and we can set up a date to come to your home for a final estimate.

Our Showroom hours are 8am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-2pm Saturday. Feel Free to contact us via email anytime!

How do you ensure a clean and tidy work area after installation?

We make sure to pickup any left over material post installation. Our goal is to leave your space exactly how we found it prior to our installation!

Will I need to be present during the installation?

We recommend having a home owner in the house for installation. If there is a situation where we can install while you are away, we can discuss and organize that when planning your window & door project.

Can you remove and dispose of my old windows and doors during installation?

Yes we can, and we recommend it! Our goal is to set you up with your brand new windows and doors hassle free.

Do you offer professional installation services?

Yes we do. Our full warranty is provided when we install your windows. Please contact us for more information or view our warranty.

What types of windows do you offer?

We manufacture casement, awning, tilt & turn, bay & bow, single & double hung tilt, single & double slider tilt windows. Click here to learn more about our products!

All of our windows are custom fit and come with custom colours.

Can you assist me in choosing the right hardware and accessories for my windows and doors?

Yes! Feel free to contact us via email or phone, or visit us in person.

Showroom hours:

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Sat: 10am-2pm

Can I Customize the design of my windows and doors?

Yes, we offer a wide range of customization for colours, size and much more. Come in for a free quote and design your dream windows & doors with our experienced salesmen.

About Us
What makes Fersina Windows stand out?

We pride ourselves on our extensive industry experience, commitment to quality craftsmanship, and personalized customer service. Our team’s expertise ensures you get the best solutions for your needs and have been for the last 35 years.

Can I visit your showroom to see your products in person?

Yes you can, we have some products in person and our salesmen can help you find what you’re looking for.

Showroom Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Sat: 10am-2pm

Are your installers certified and experienced in window and door installations?

Yes all our installers are thoroughly trained and many of our installers have a decade of experience.

Can you provide references from previous customers?

Yes, feel free to view our testimonial page or contact us directly for more information.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Our full warranty is included when we install your windows. Check our warranty below or contact us directly for more information.

Are your products energy-efficient?

Yes, we offer a range of energy-efficient windows and doors designed to help you save on energy bills while maintaining comfort and sustainability in your home.

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