Pick the best window options to suit your house

When purchasing windows for your house, you have to make sure you pick the window options to suit the look and feel of your home. If your home has a modern look to it, it will be best to purchase modernly styled windows. If your house has a more classical look to it, you might want to choose a more classic window design.

Home window colours?

  • Brilliant White ? standard
  • Beige ? interior and exterior
  • Clay ? interior and exterior
  • Custom exterior colours

Home window frame options

  • 3 1/4? jamb ? standard
  • 4 5/8? vinyl jamb
  • 6 5/8? vinyl jamb
  • Pine jamb extensions in any depth
  • 1/2? vinyl jamb receiver
  • 3/4? vinyl jamb receiver
  • Nailfin only
  • Siding mould with nailfin
  • 1 1/8? Brickmould with nailfin
  • 2 1/2? Brickmould with nailfin
  • 3? Brickmould with nailfin ? Heritage style

Home window glazing options

  • Double glazed, Low E glass with argon ? standard
  • Super Spacer ? standard
  • Triple glazed, (with double Low E glass and argon)
  • Pinhead (frosted) glass
  • Glue Chip decorative frosted glass
  • Grey, Green or Bronze tinted glass
  • Tempered, heat-strengthened glass
  • Laminated, high security glass
  • Reflective glass with silver coating
  • Custom, triple glazed, decorative glass

Home window grill options

  • Colonial, Heritage and Prairie patterns
  • Georgian grills in 3/4? or 1? sizes
  • Regular grills in 5/16?, 3/8?, 5/8? or 1? sizes
  • Pencil grills in 3/8 size

Available home window grill colours

  • White
  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Brown
  • Pewter in selected styles
  • Brass in selected styles
  • Two tone in selected styles

Fersina Windows is your top window manufacturer and we strive to make your house windows look perfect for many years. Should you want to know more about our window options, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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